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2nd Monthly competition (Arches/Curves)

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1st Colour prints

Brian Swales LRPS - "Curve across the Tyne"

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2nd Colour prints

Andy Gunn - "Body's"

Golden Arches.jpg
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3rd Colour prints

Paul Burdon - "Golden arches"


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1st Monochrome prints

Mike Vasey - "Empty seats"

Cistercian Legacy.JPG
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2nd Monochrome prints

Bernard Cruickshank - "Cistercian legacy"

BRI_3376B SEPIA.jpg
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3rd Monochrome prints

Brian Swales LRPS - "Bicycles under the arch"


Sunset Curves, Yarm Viaduct_Member65.jpg
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1st Digital images

Tony Hodgson - "Sunset curves, Yarm Viaduct"

Curves on the Tyne_mem17.jpg
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2nd Digital images

Bernard Cruickshank - "Curves on the Tyne"

Winter wonder Land- mem69.jpg
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3rd Digital images

Bill Stevenson - "Winter wonderland"

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