Image of the year

Grand Entrance , Bill Stevenson.jpg

1st Colour prints

Bill Stevenson - "Grand entrance"

BRI_7184 JAN 2018.jpg

2nd Colour prints

Brian Swales LRPS - "The fallen segment"

Image to come.jpg

3rd Colour prints

Sue Tyerman LRPS - "Running to win"


A Women's work is never done.jpg

1st Monochrome prints

Bill Stevenson - "A woman's work is never done"

_16A6754 Tom kirby b.jpg

2nd Monochrome prints

Tom Kirby - "The Yanks are coming"

Memories at Kilhope .jpeg

3rd Monochrome prints

Brian Wastell - "A miner's contemplation"


Blue tits - Member 50.jpg

1st Digital images

Joyce Scott - "Blue Tits"

Tulip Staircase - Member 68.jpg

2nd Digital images

Paul Burdon - "Tulip staircase"

Floating Leaves - Member 50.jpg

3rd Digital images

Joyce Scott - "Floating leaves"