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2nd Monthly competition (Rooftops)

2019-20 Competition (3).jpg
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1st Colour prints

Andy Gunn - "York rooftops"

red sky.jpg
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2nd Colour prints

Paul Kent - "Red sky at night, sailor's delight"

untitled (147 of 270).jpg
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3rd Colour prints

Steve Smith LRPS - "St. Malo rooftops""


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1st Monochrome images

Bill Stevenson - "Staithes with a dusting of snow"

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untitled (11 of 53)-Edit.jpg

2nd Monochrome images

Steve Smith LRPS - "Saltaire chimneys"

Anchor 6
the fishermen's huts.jpg

3rd Monochrome images

John Buxton- "Fisherman's huts"


Anchor 7
Smokeless Tyne member 66.jpg

1st Digital images

Matt Kerridge - "Smokeless Tyne"

Anchor 8
The Sage Member No 1 Stockton Camera Clu

2nd Digital images

Mike Vasey - "The Sage"

Anchor 9
Hotchpotch of chimmneys_Member 17.jpg

3rd Digital images

Bernard Cruickshank - "Hotchpotch of chimneys"

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