1st Monthly Competition

I'm keeping tight hold! member 77.jpg

1st Colour PDI's

Brian Swales LRPS - "I'm keeping tight hold"

Red cliff_67.jpg

2nd Colour PDI's

Michael Curry LRPS - "Red cliff"

Basking - Mem 5 .jpg

3rd Colour PDI's

Andy Gunn - "Basking"


The snowfields of Teesdale_Member 17.jpg

1st Monochrome PDI's

Bernard Cruickshank - "The snowfields of Teesdale"

Bus Station Mem -69.jpg

2nd Monochrome PDI's

Bill Stevenson - "Bus station"

Lone Tree-mem28.jpg

3rd Monochrome PDI's

Steve Smith LRPS - "Lone tree"