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5th Competition

Colour prints

Anchor 1

1st Colour prints

Bill Stevenson - "Annie"

Anchor 2

2nd Colour prints

Mike Vasey - "Rainshower approaching Saltburn beach"

Anchor 3

3rd Colour prints

Steve Smith LRPS - "Reflections at Loughrigg Tarn"


Monochrome prints

Anchor 4

1st Monochrome prints

Mike Vasey - "Winter evening"

Anchor 5

2nd Monochrome prints

Bernard Cruickshank - "Calm Anchorage"

Anchor 6

3rd Monochrome prints

Brian Wastell - "A winter landscape"


Digital images

Anchor 7

1st Digital images

Bill Stevenson - "The lamp man"

Anchor 8

2nd Digital images

Bill Stevenson - "Forties style"

Anchor 9

3rd Digital images

Robert Thomas - "Number spiral"

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