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5th Monthly competition, (Open no theme)

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1st Colour prints

Bill Stevenson - "Schoolmaster

Pensive -No 19.jpg
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2nd Colour prints

Carmel Morris ARPS, EFIAP - "Pensive"

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_86A8368 tom krby comp 5 scc a - Copy j.

3rd Colour prints

Tom Kirby - "Looking at you"


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1st Monochrome prints

Paul Kent - "Dunstonburgh Castle"

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2nd Monochrome prints

Sarah Hillier - "The watcher"

Bernard Shaw.jpg
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3rd Monochrome prints

Bill Stevenson - "Bernard Shaw"


Tight turn - Member 77.jpg
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1st Digital images

Brian Swales LRPS - "Tight turn"

On top of the brambles - Member 77.jpg
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2nd Digital images

Brian Swales LRPS - "On top of the Brambles"

Winter Wonderlnd Mem 69.jpg
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3rd Digital images

Bill Stevenson - "Winter wonderland"

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