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3rd Competition

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1st Colour prints

Brian Swales LRPS - "What's the buzzing I hear?"

Steps and Stones Member 14-1.jpg
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2nd Colour prints

Judith Brown - "Steps and stones"

_86A7453 Tom kirbyb.jpg
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3rd Colour prints

Tom Kirby - "Horse transport"


Dark Hedges Member 14-1.jpg
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1st Monochrome prints

Judith Brown - "Dark hedges"

Image 09-01-2020 at 10.28.jpg
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2nd Monochrome prints

Steve Smith LRPS - "No trade today"

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3rd Monochrome prints

Paul Kent "On the rocks"

St, Mary's Lighthouse Member 14 .jpg
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1st Digital images

Judith Brown - "St. Mary's Lighthouse"

Taking a break scc 41.jpg
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2nd Digital images

Tom Kirby - "Taking a break"

last surf of the daymem69-.jpg
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3rd Digital images

Bill Stevenson - "Last surf of the day"

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