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4th Monthly Competition - "Creative"

Flower fantasy-mem28.jpg
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1st Colour PDI's

Steve Smith LRPS - "Flower Fantasy"

The Angel takes a bow - Member 77.jpg
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2nd Colour PDI's

Brian Swales LRPS - "The Angel takes a bow"

Rainbow Smoke 73.jpg
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3rd Colour PDI's

Denis Dunning - "Rainbow smoke"


The Chase - Member No 19.jpg
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1st Monochrome PDI's

Carmel Morris, ARPS, AFIAP - "The chase"

Lost in the woods -mem28.jpg
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2nd Monochrome PDI's

Steve Smith LRPS - "Lost in the woods"

Bag Lady - Member 74.jpg
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3rd Monochrome PDI's

Sue Tyerman LRPS - "Bag lady"

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