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2nd Monthly Competition (People at work)

Anchor 1
Fat Boy Slim #70 .jpg

1st Colour prints
Dave Hudspeth - "Fatboy slim"

Anchor 2
Gardeners World - SCC - Mem 5.jpg

2nd Colour prints
Andy Gunn - "Gardener's world"

Anchor 3
Fixing he Road copy web.jpg

3rd Colour prints
Sue Tyerman LRPS - "Fixing the road"


Anchor 4

1st Monochrome prints
Steve Smith LRPS - "Concentration"

Anchor 5
Filming at tees barrage.jpg

2nd Monochrome prints
Tom Kirby - "Filming at Tees Barrage"

Photographer at work.jpg
Anchor 6

3rd Monochrome prints
Frank Adams - "Photographers at work"


Anchor 7
the potters hands #70.jpg

1st Digital images
Dave Hudspeth - "The potter's hands"

Anchor 8
the blacksmith #70.jpg

2nd Digital images
Dave Hudspeth - "The Blacksmith"

A dreary walk home - member 50.jpg
Anchor 9

3rd Digital images
Joyce Scott - "A dreary walk home"

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