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Image of the Year competition

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In a World of their Own smprint.jpg

1st Colour prints
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "In a world of their own"

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2nd Colour prints
Tom Kirby - "Days gone by"

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Autumn Seed Heads.jpg

3rd Colour prints
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "Autumn seed heads"


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1st Monochrome prints
Steve Smith LRPS - "Concentration"

Anchor 5

2nd Monochrome prints
Frank Adams - "The Nab"

Anchor 6

3rd Monochrome prints
Tom Kirby - "A day out in a Rolls Royce"


Anchor 7
Taransey sunrise - Member 78.jpg

1st Digital images
Frank Adams - "Taransey sunrise"

Anchor 8
Sunset at Steetley pier, 88.jpg

2nd Digital images
Jane Marshall - "Sunset at Steetley pier"

Anchor 9
Anemone hupehensis-mem28.jpg

3rd Digital images
Steve Smith LRPS - "Anemone hupehensis"

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