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4th Monthly Competition (Still life)
Autumn Seed Heads.jpg
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1st Colour prints
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "Autumn seed heads"

Tomato production.jpg
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2nd Colour prints
Frank Adams - "Tomato production"

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Saxaphone reflections.jpg


3rd Colour prints
Steve Smith LRPS - "Saxaphone reflections"

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1st Monochrome prints
Steve Smith LRPS - "Frosted"

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2nd Monochrome prints
Dave Hudspeth - "Sculptured face detail"

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3rd Monochrome prints
Steve Smith LRPS - "Seed Head"

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Shore Collection - Member 50.jpg

1st Digital images
Joyce Scott - "Shore collection"

Ironmongers Shop - member 18.JPG
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2nd Digital images
Nigel Wall LRPS - "Ironmongers shop"

Liquid Gold-mem28.jpg
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3rd Digital images
Steve Smith LRPS - "Liquid gold"

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