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3rd Monthly Competition

Ullswater - member70 v2.jpg

1st Colour PDI's
Dave Hudspeth - "Ullswater"

Festival Revelers.jpg Member 73.jpg

2nd Colour PDI's
Denis Dunning - "Festival revellers"

Autumn Colours at Fountains Abbey, 88.jpg

3rd Colour PDI's
Jane Marshall - "Autumn colours at Fountains Abbey"


Dizzy #70.jpg

1st Monochrome PDI's
Dave Hudspeth - "Dizzy"

Derwent Water - Member 74.jpg

2nd Monochrome PDI's
Sue Tyerman - "Derwentwater"

Can I play with you guys.16.jpg

3rd Monochrome PDI's
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "Can I play with you guys"

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