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2nd Monthly Competition (Motion)

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2nd Colour prints - Dave Hudspeth -
"Hedgerow motion"

DSC_6630-2 copy.jpg
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3rd Colour prints - Sue Tyerman LRPS
Twirling flower"


Playing for the crowd.jpg
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1st Monochrome prints
Greame Blackburn - "Playing for the crowd"

St Marys Lighthouse - member 74.jpg
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2nd Monochrome prints
Sue Tyerman LRPS - "St Mary's lighthouse

High Force Drama member 74.jpg
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3rd Monochrome prints
Sue Tyerman LRPS - "High Force drama"


Retreating Tide M66.jpg
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1st Digital images
Matt Kerridge - "Retreating tide"

Kayak slalom - member 77.jpg
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2nd Digital images
Brian Swales LRPS - "Kayak slalum"

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Posforth Gill waterfall, 88.jpg

3rd Digital images
Jane Marshall - "Posforth Gill waterfall"

Our Team.

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