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5th Monthly competition

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1st Colour prints
Paul Kent - "Tyne Bridge at night"

Two Sisters.jpg
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2nd Colour prints
Matt Kerridge - "Two Sisters"

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3rd Colour prints
Paul Kent - Goleudy Twr Mawr


Walk tote Beach - member 74.jpg
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1st Monochrome prints
Sue Tyerman LRPS - "Walk to the beach"

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2nd Monochrome prints
Paul Kent - "Penman Point"

Lake Districts moods.jpg
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3rd Monochrome prints
Dave Hudspeth - "Lake District moods"


1st Digital images
Andy Gunn - "Dude"

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2nd Digital images
Brian Swales LRPS - "Sedona panorama"

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3rd Digital images
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "Changing Saudi Arabia"




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