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Image of the Year

Misty sunset.jpg
Anchor 1

1st Colour prints
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "Misty sunset"

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2nd Colour prints
Graeme Blackburn - "The K's"

386A2062 Tom kirbyComp.jpg
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3rd Colour prints
Tom Kirby - "Red Arrows"

Lake Districts moods.jpg
Anchor 4

1st Monochrome prints
Dave Hudspeth - "Lake Districts moods"

Seed Heads. Stockton Camera Club.jpg
Anchor 5

2nd Monochrome prints
Sarah Hillier LRPS - "Seeds heads"

Playing for the crowd.jpg
Anchor 6

3rd Monochrome prints
Graeme Blackburn - "Playing for the crowd"


Saltwick Bay M66.jpg
Anchor 7

1st Digital images
Matt Kerridge - "Saltwick Bay"

Sedona panorama - member 77.jpg
Anchor 8

2nd Digital images
Brian Swales LRPS - "Sedona panorama"

Fairy Pools M66.jpg
Anchor 9

3rd Digital images
Matt Kerridge - "Fairy pools"

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