2nd Monthly Competition - (People)

Leap of Faith member 70.jpg

1st Colour PD's

Dave Hudspeth - "Leap of faith"

The Engine Driver member 70.jpg

2nd Colour PDI's

Dave Hudspeth - "The engine driver"

Sword swallower, 88.JPG

3rd Colour PDI's

Jane Marshall - "Sword swallower"


The Engine Driver -member 28.jpg

1st Monochrome PDI's

Steve Smith LRPS - "The engine driver"

Communication_ - Member No. 19_.jpg

2nd Monochrome PDI's

Carmel Morris ARPS, EFIAP - "Communication"

Double Trouble member 70.jpg

3rd Monochrome PDI's

Dave Hudspeth - "Double trouble"