Image of the year Competition

The Angel takes a bow - Member 77.jpg

1st Colour PDI's

Brian Swales LRPS - "The Angel takes a bow"

Winter light member 73.jpg

2nd Colour PDI's

Denis Dunning - "Winter light"

I'm keeping tight hold! member 77.jpg

3rd Colour PDI's

Brian Swales LRPS  - "I'm keeping tight hold"


Reflecting member 73.jpg

1st Monochrome PDI's

Denis Dunning - "Reflecting"

Path Through the Woods - Member 74.jpg

2nd Monochrome PDI's

Sue Tyerman LRPS - "Path through the woods"

blast off 70.jpg

3rd Monochrome PDI's

Dave Hudspeth - "Blast off"