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4th Monthly competition (Dereliction)

Derelict Steetley Pier M66.jpg

1st Colour PDI's
Matt Kerridge - "Derelict Steetley pier"

cars #70.jpg

2nd Colour PDI's
Dave Hudspeth - "Cars"

Rust and Decay -Mem28.jpg

3rd Colour PDI's
Steve Smith LRPS - "Rust and decay"


sitting comfortably #70.jpg

1st Monochrome PDI's
Dave Hudspeth - "Sitting comfortably"

The Old Leper Colony Tenerife - member 74.jpg

2nd Monochrome PDI's
Sue Tyerman LRPS - "The old Leper Colony, Tenerife"

Seen better Days - Member Number 2.jpg

3rd Monochrome PDI's
Graeme Blackburn - "Seen better days"


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